All About Brain Injury Rehabilitation

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In case a head injury or stroke only damages and not destroy brain tissue, the damaged tissue can recover its function gradually. Brain injury rehabilitation can definitely speed up the recovery process and make it complete. If not, recovery would have taken from 6 months to several years depending on the seriousness of the injury or stroke. A destroyed tissue cannot recover its functions. But some other part of the brain will usually take over the duties of the destroyed area. Rehabilitation becomes crucial to this recovery process. This article provides information on brain injury rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation should begin as soon as the affected individual is medically stable. That way the individual has a better chance of recovering some of the lost functions of the brain. Early rehabilitation is important to prevent many complications like weakened muscles, contractures or shortened muscles, and depression. Whether rehabilitation succeeds or not will depend on the general health condition, bowel and bladder function, muscle strength, range of motion, coping skills, learning abilities, and the readiness of the individual to participate in a rehabilitation program.

When brain injury has resulted in paralysed limbs, the therapist will either move the affected limb or encourage the patient to move them. This is important to retain the affected joint's range of motion. There are many activities the affected patient could do in order to improve his or her range of motions such as outdoor activities. Coordination exercises are also important in this regard.

Most of the time, the therapist will intentionally restrict the movements of the unaffected limb. This is done by wearing a sling or mitt on the unaffected arm. This strategy will help the brain to rewire the brain of the affected individual to use the weakened or paralysed limb for activities such as eating, grooming, washing, and other daily tasks.

A stroke or brain injury such as a concussion can impair the cognition abilities of the patient. Such individuals may have issues with concentration, memory, organisation of thought, orientation, comprehension, perception, and speech. Cognitive rehabilitation is quite a slow process that needs to be tailored to each affected individual's situation. These individuals are best suited for one-on-one treatments.

When a head injury or stroke damages brain tissue without destroying them, the damaged tissue is able to recover its functions over time. Brain injury rehabilitation can definitely speed up the process of recovery and make it complete.

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New York Archdiocese Names 120 Clergy With “credible” Sex Abuse Allegations

If you or a loved one has been the victim of clergy, pastor or priest sexual abuse, you deserve justice. The legal team at Gersowitz Libo & Korek, P.C. has decades of combined experience in helping victims of clergy sexual abuse seek justice. Not Just Priests

While most people assume the only people committing sexual abuse were priests, that is not the case. According to the information recently released, many other individuals also have sex abuse allegations against them, including: School teachers Camp counselors School administrators Church deacons

Due to the wide-ranging scope of these allegations, it will be crucial to work with a New York sexual assault attorney New York victims can trust to know the law and fight hard to help them gain the compensation they deserve. Lacking Crucial Information

While many victims, families, and watchdog groups have applauded the release of this information, many others still feel it falls short. For example, no details were released regarding past assignments or allegations against accused priests, nor were there names of priests who were ordained in other states but later served in New York. In addition, many point to the continued reluctance of the church to provide full transparency as a reason to believe there may still be much more information being hidden from public view. Rather than let church officials stonewall your efforts to seek out the truth, turn to Gersowitz Libo & Korek P.C. to uncover the facts and ensure those responsible for reprehensible acts will be held accountable. Gaining Compensation

Now that this information has come to light, those victims in New York can use the law to their advantage. With the passage of the Child Victims Act, the statute of limitations has been extended for victims, giving them more time to pursue criminal and civil charges against their abusers. Some of the most important details of the Child Victims Act include: Victims up to age 55 can bring civil action against abuser One-year window to file civil claim beginning six months after law takes effect Criminal felony and misdemeanor charges can be pursued until ages 28

With these new legal options, victims can work with a sexual assault attorney New York residents know will give them a much better chance of gaining the justice and compensation they deserve. Don't Continue to Suffer

Rather than suffering in silence and letting those who violated your trust get by with their heinous acts, let Gersowitz Libo & Korek P.C. go to work for you. By doing so, you will have a sexual abuse lawyer New York victims have trusted to help them gain the justice and financial compensation they need and deserve.

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How Long Does It Take To Settle A Personal Injury Case?

If you have found yourself injured in a car accident, workplace accident, or other situation, you will likely have serious injuries requiring medical treatment. Along with this, you may find yourself unable to return to your job for an extended period of time, and face months of daily pain and suffering. When this happens, you can file claim for compensation. However, once you speak to a knowledgeable personal injury attorney, you may discover the time it will take to settle your case is longer than you anticipated.To help answer your questions, here are additional details regarding the length of time it takes to settle these cases. Insurance Company Offers

In many cases, an insurance company representing the defendant will make you an offer to settle your case without going to trial. However, while accepting this offer will put some money in your hand within a few weeks of your accident, it likely will be a very small amount of money that may not cover your medical bills, let alone your lost wages and pain and suffering. While the insurance company will attempt to convince you they are doing this simply to help you during a difficult time, the fact is they know if the case does indeed go to trial, they will likely have to pay out much more compensation. Therefore, unless you are extremely desperate for immediate money, let your personal injury lawyer file a lawsuit on your behalf. Complex Cases

In even what appears to be the most simple and straightforward personal injury case, there are numerous complexities. For example, if you were injured due to a defective product, there may be more than one party at fault. Thus, these cases will require extensive investigation, and will also involve additional lawyers and insurance companies. As a result, it may take months or even years before these cases are settled, especially if the defendants appeal time after time. Negotiating a Settlement

In many personal injury cases, your attorney can negotiate a settlement with the defendant's insurance company before the case makes it to the courtroom. This can often be done after the discovery phase of a case, which consists of gathering the necessary evidence for your lawsuit. Once this is done, it may become clear to the defendant and their insurance company that you have a very strong case, and are likely to win a trial. As for how long it will take to negotiate a settlement, it varies from a few days to several weeks, depending on the specific details of the case. However, since an insurance company will be eager to put this behind them, they will likely make every effort to reach a settlement as soon as possible.

If you find yourself injured due to the negligence of others, contact a personal injury lawyer to schedule a free consultation. By doing so, you will ensure your legal rights will be protected during each step of your personal injury lawsuit.

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Lawyers Who Specialise In Professional Regulatory Complaint Hearings

If you are a doctor who is facing such allegations, do not panic. Your first step should be to find a solicitor and to get advice about the case. You should already have insurance that you can claim on to access the You should already have insurance that you can claim on to access the medico-legal support that you need, and if you have been acting within the ethical guidance issued by the GMC then you should have nothing to worry about. The best practice guidelines that you had drummed into you while getting qualified exist precisely for this reason - to protect you from false allegations.

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Pharmacology Technicians

Some pharmacy technicians are required to complete formal education programs, while others obtain certificates Some employers require pharmacy technicians to pass the licensure exams. In this discussion, we will focus on pharmacology technicians as a basic course required in completing pharmacy technology education.

Education Requirements

The minimum requirement for one to work as a pharmacy technician is a high school diploma, with many technicians receiving on-the-job training. However, some employers would prefer their technicians to have finished a formal education program in pharmacy technology. The program can be completed in 1-2 years.

Pharmacy technology is a biotechnological course designed to familiarize students with the practices, concepts and terminology used in work settings. Students are also taught how to package, store and label prescriptions. Students receive an associate degree, a certificate or a diploma at the end of the program.

Some of the courses you will be required to take are: * Pharmacology * Medical law and ethics * Pharmacy terminology * Biology * Pharmacy Math

Together with lectures, the program gives supervised training to prepare students for work in a pharmacy environment.

What Is Pharmacology?

Pharmacology is a subfield in the medical study dealing with the use, effect and action of drugs. It has evolved through the years. At its primary years, it was concerned only with the effects of chemicals on the human body. At present, pharmacology explores molecular means through which drugs are able to bring about biological effects.

Pharmacology, simply put, is the science of how drugs act on biological systems like the human body. It generates knowledge on the chemical properties, therapeutic uses and biological effects of drugs. It is therefore a study that is important to medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, nursing and veterinary medicine.

When studying pharmacology, a student focuses on areas such as:

* Effects of chemicals on cellular mechanisms * Hazards posed by herbicides and pesticides * Prevention and treatment of diseases using drug therapy * Understanding of cell function (through the use of molecular modeling and computerized designs)

Pharmacology Education Tools

Studying pharmacology can be one of the most difficult tasks you will face in finishing the program. However, you have tools you can use without spending a lot of money. You can take online lecture videos that are designed to provide students the basic knowledge on pharmacology.

For those who are already working as pharmacy technicians and would like to obtain the knowledge required to get accreditation from the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, there are available books and workbooks. These help tools are sold online at very affordable prices. These tools are also recommended to those who are planning to take the US Pharmacy Technician Certification Board test.

These tools are prepared by experts in the field of pharmacy and pharmacology. Contributors and reviewers are composed of directors of pharmacy technology programs, instructors, pharmacy managers, pharmacy professors and pharmacotherapy experts.

Possible Careers

Getting a formal education in pharmacy technology will open up for you a lot of job opportunities in the medical and pharmaceutical field. Possible careers worth exploring are those of a nuclear pharmacy technician, institutional pharmacy technician, inventory specialist, and medical equipment specialist.

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Recommended Foods That Can Reduce The Ageing Process

Recommended Foods That Can Reduce The Ageing Process

You may not realise this, but a lot of what we eat and drink has to do on how we age. Therefore, rather than spend your money on expensive creams, change your diet to other quality foods and not only your skin will look better, but your health will improve as well.

Study It has been proved by scientific tests that what we eat and drink has an impact on how we look and the diseases that can develop like heart disease, diabetes and reduced kidney function are just a few of the many that can pop up. Although many of the foods we eat in the Western world have great nutritional value they may not cut it as being great for your aging process. According to skin specialists the consumption of dairy products and red meat will contribute to wrinkles, increase in cellulite, brittle finger nails and in some cases dry hair. A test study of participants over the age of 70 who frequently ate red meat and dairy products showed more skin wrinkles than those who rarely ate them. The researchers found that this condition could be due to molecules called advanced glycation end products, which are the main course of wrinkles.

5 Foods That Increase Aging - Foods that cause and accumulate advanced glycation end products are: Burnt foods Red meat Dairy products However, butter or/and margarine and sugar are also amongst the highest ageing foods. These foods will cause damage to your skin by attaching and linking the advanced glycation end products with your collagen and elastin fibers which reduces the bodys ability to repair them and contribute to superficial ageing.

Best Foods To Fight Ageing - While doing tests on diabetics, German researchers found that those taking an anthocyanin supplement daily had a reduced abnormal collagen production. This means that Anthocyanin rich foods can be just as effective as supplements that supply red, purple and black pigments which help to protect the skin. These foods are: Blueberries Purple salad leaves Lime Lemon Cloves Kumatoes these are tomatoes that have a blackish skin colour.

Other foods that are low in advanced glycation end products are: Fruits Vegetables Whole grains rolled oats.

Tips To Turning Back Time - As mentioned in the first paragraph, what you drink is also very important. Avoid less alcohol and drink more water. When drinking water, try to drink the best quality that you can, it will help reduce dehydration of the skin, especially on the chest and face. However, dont forget fresh squeezed fruit juice to your liquid intake, apart from improving your skin it has other benefits. Stay clear of burnt anything, like toast or fried meats and dont eat white breads and sugar. Eat more of deep purple and red foods like fruits and vegetables. If you have cravings for a grilled steak, marinate it with tomatoes, lemon and spices. This will reduce the formation of advanced glycation end products and will also enhance the flavor.

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Golden Nuggets From The Trail, Part 1

If you love the great outdoors, it is essential that you are familiar with basic survival skills, like building a fire without matches or creating a temporary shelter. The best way to get this type of training is by signing up for wilderness training courses or survival training seminars. The best way to get this type of training is by signing up for wilderness training courses or survival training seminars.

It would also help if you learned from the experience of other outdoorsmen.

Thats why in todays blog post, I am going to share with you some golden nuggets that Ive learned over many years of nature trekking with friends and family. 99% of the time, we encounter zero problems when we set out to hike or explore a local forest or reserve.

However, there are a few trips that bring about unusual and sudden problems, like someone getting left behind and no one noticing it.

Ive gone through my trekking journals and extracted some of the vital facts and experiences that will help you in your own journeys in the great outdoors.

How can you manage accidents and problems if youre trekking on your own?

Nothing compares to the exhilarating feeling that you get from going solo on the nature trail.

However, accidents do happen and when they do, it can be difficult to accept the fact that youre alone many miles away from the main road (and lets not forget, a hospital).

If you do have an accident while youre hiking or climbing alone, bear in mind that your biggest enemy is not Mother Nature or the injury, but your emotions.

What is the cost of being emotional in the wilderness?

We humans are hardwired to react to everything emotionally; however, being emotional can cost a person his life if he doesnt take control of the situation.

Raw, uncontrolled emotions can easily lead to panicking; and when you panic, your mind begins to spin out of control. Viable options are seen as dead ends and you start feeling like youre the first casualty of Armageddon.

When you start panicking, your body is in a fight or flight mode that will give you a short-term adrenaline boost.

The adrenaline boost is useful, but the accompanying catastrophic thinking is not. When you think that nothing else can be done and you feel like its the end, start forcing yourself to think logically.

In addition to thinking logically, I would also recommend distracting yourself by focusing on any positive aspect of your situation.

This will help your mind relax so you can think of a way out of your problem. Trust me being emotional and panicky will not help in any austere situation!

How can you be an effective pack leader during an adventure in the great outdoors?

The first thing that you have to develop as a leader is your assertiveness.

Leaders arent pushy or bossy they are assertive. This means that you have to do everything in your power to be heard if you think your group is headed in the wrong direction, figuratively or literally.

An effective leader is also calm and in charge of his emotions at all times. If your group encounters problems at any point, you should avoid laying blame on anyone.

Instead, focus on assessing the situation and providing an actual solution to the problem. If you start accusing people of being lazy or sloppy, youre group is going to be in trouble.

A splintered group is more likely to encounter severe accidents than a unified and harmonious group that walks and thinks alike.

A good leader must not only provide guidance and expertise to his members, but also genuine, emotional support.

When you are out in the wilderness or in any outdoor setting, people tend to experience a whole spectrum of thoughts and emotions, from inexplicable euphoria to pure fear.

If someone in your group is showing signs of fear or uncertainty, its your job to speak calmly to that person so that you can find out whats wrong.

It would be better to find out whats wrong now than later.

If someone is feeling fatigued or overwhelmed, that person will not volunteer that information because its embarrassing to admit that you cant manage what everyone else is doing. Its the leaders task to reassure each member that the group is there to support everyone and its not a solo endeavor.

Empathy is an extremely useful skill when someone in your group encounters a problem. When you empathize with someone, you show genuine concern and understanding as to what is presently taking place. When you use empathy, people are more likely to calm down and listen to your advice as to what should be done next.

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It’s Safe To Know Where To Buy Nootropics Online From Online Pharmacy Websties.

However, they should be highly careful about the selection of the best This is applicable not only to this medicine but also for any other medicines too. Here are some simple things to remember in this respect and know where to buy nootropics online:

The point, click and purchase. People do it for flight tickets, groceries, and many other items. Even, some people nowadays are looking for a nootropics online store to get this medicine that is meant for treating sleep disorders. Now, even though, many people have begun this purchase online, some still have doubt as to whether they will get dependable medicines when they place orders online. The fact is that there are many internet pharmacies to buy Walker in Australia, the purchasers should be careful about the authenticity of the site before placing an order. When the right Nootropics online store is selected either for purchasing this medicine with prescription or without prescription, the safety can be assured.

Consult your doctor: Regardless of whether you intend to buy armodafinil online or any other medicine for that matter, it would be safe to ask your doctor. This is because your doctor alone can identify whether a particular medicine is safe for you to use or whether other treatments will be appropriate. Use a licensed pharmacy: Before you choose to buy Walker in Australia online, it is better to check whether the site you have selected to make your purchase is licensed and whether they hold the certificate of authenticity to sell this drug.

Check the returns page: Before you choose any online pharmacy, it is better to check whether they have a return option so that you can replace the medicines if you have doubt with respect to the quality of getting them delivered to your home.

Compare costs: Check whether the price specified on the website is too good to believe. When the cost is more or less similar to the cost specified in other websites, there need not be any worry. But, if it is too low, it is better to have a look at the reliability of the store.

So, carefully take the points mentioned above into consideration before placing your order for any prescription-based or non-prescription based medicine online. This is something related to your personal health, so look before you leap and reap the benefits thereof.

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Accurate Bp Devices From Omron

Their devices are widely accepted globally due to their intelligent design that ensures accurate readings. Using accurate bp devices from Omron, the expected blood pressure for a human being for ages 20 years and above should be around 117/76 mm Hg which is read as 117 over 76 millimeters of mercury. The greater number is called the Systolic, and represents the highest pressure your BP should be, and the smaller number is called Diastolic which marks the lowest pressure your BP should record. Anything above this range from 120/80 mm HG and above results to a condition known as high blood pressure.

High blood pressure (also Hypertension) has four stages of development. The first is known as prehypertension. Prehypertension occurs when the BP readings are between 120-139 over 80-89 mm Hg. The other stage is called 1st stage high blood pressure which occurs when the BP rises to 140-150 over 90-99 mm Hg. The next one is called 2nd stage high blood pressure which occurs at 160 and above over 100 and above mm Hg. The final stage is called Hypertensive crisis. This happens at Systolic above 180 over Diastolic higher than 110 mm Hg. It is very critical and patients must be given emergency care as it can result in a heart attack or stroke which may lead to death. Notable risks associated with high blood pressure include being overweight, smoking cigarettes drinking too much alcohol, old age, lack of physical activity and also adding too much salt in food.

To avoid the risk of high blood pressure, it is important you observe the following. Lose weight to avoid being obese. Exercise regularly, reduce the intake of sodium (mainly found in table salt) in your diet, reduce alcohol intake, avoid smoking, try as much as possible to live a life free of stress because stress is a major contributor to high BP and finally monitor your blood pressure regularly even when home.

Omron has some BP devices that can be used even at home without the intervention of a physician. Always ensure you eat a healthy diet to live a healthy life.

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Do Multivitamins Work! Myth Or Reality?

It has become a common notion that these multivitamins are necessary for us to remain healthy, but is that really the truth? In this article, we address questions like “ do multivitamins work?" And “Which multivitamins are the best to use and why?” What Are Multivitamins? To understand what they do, it is important to know what they are. Multivitamins are a product of different minerals and vitamins that are essential for your body to work properly. However, there is no particular restriction to what type of vitamins or mineral a product may hold. Although one thing is for sure, if you do not get a sufficient amount of them, your may go through deficiencies that hinder in regular bodily functions. What Do Multivitamins Contain? Multivitamins not only have different vitamins and minerals, but also hold amino acids and fatty acids. All of these elements are extremely important for processes like reproduction, growth, enzymatic reactions and regulating other normal body processes. What Do The Experts Say? Whether multivitamins work or not is quite debatable among many experts. One part of the argument is that since most of these supplements are not regulated, the elements listed on them are either present in a different quantity or not present at all. This part of the argument also eliminates the belief that multivitamins help in protecting the heart. However, Dr. Howard Sesso – an Epidemiology professor at Harvard School of Public Health suggests the contrary. He states that there is no documented proof of any risks that these dietary supplements hold at the moment, which makes them risk free. Should I Take Them Or Not? It is a fact that these multivitamins are a great source of essential nutrients for your body. Yet there are certain things that you need to consider while taking such supplements. A very common practice among people is that they do not know whether they even need a particular multivitamin supplement or not. In fact, most of the people that take multivitamins tend to intake vitamins or minerals that are already in excess in their body. The best way to avoid this is to get yourself checked for any nutrient deficiencies and take the multivitamins that addresses your particular paucity. Do Multivitamins Work? There is no doubt in the fact that multivitamins are a great way to address any nutrient deficiencies that a person might have. It is not a question of whether they work or not, it is about how you make use of them. In order to achieve the best results from a multivitamin supplement, it is important to address only those that cater your deficiencies rather than taking any random product. Hazards Using Multivitamins Since multivitamins are not usually regulated, there are a lot of fake products present in the market. Some of them don’t even contain the elements that are listed on the product. Therefore it is safe to acquire regulated supplements from a trusted supplier. Furthermore, excessive amounts of vitamins in your body can also lead to hazardous conditions. Therefore it is important to intake multivitamin supplements that cater you particular vitamin deficiency.  

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Using Meditation For Stress Relief

One thing that is great about meditation is that it is free. It does not cost a thing. It is something that is readily available and helps to reduce pressure. It is something that is readily available and helps to reduce pressure. It does not cost a thing. It is something that is readily available and helps to reduce pressure. Some have stated that with just one session, they could feel the stress leave. Also, having a teacher is not necessary. One could read books or many meditation resources can be found online.

It may take practice, and everyone may not be able to get into it. Some may even find it hard to find that place of privacy, especially with children. Those that may have little spare time may have trouble finding the time to even engage. However, once these obstacles are overcome, the benefits are sure to follow.

Again, the first step would to find a nice quiet place to relax. Get into a comfortable position and wear comfortable clothing, Breathe deeply from the diaphragm and then excel. This helps to release the tension in the body. Then start to clear the mind by allowing thoughts to come into the mind, acknowledge them, and then let them go. Continue to do this for at least five minutes, and then go about the day feeling relaxed and tension free.

In order to enhance the process, some use soothing music or even aromatherapy. They can enhance one's experience if incorporated appropriately. There are seven different types of medication that an individual can try. Individuals can experiment and find the one that yields the greatest results. Meditation is a vehicle that can be used to handle all types of stress.

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How to identify the best rehab cover for your loved one



Dealing With Cigarette Addiction Once And For All

Cigarette smoking is one of the most common addictions among many people in the society. Out of every ten people you come across, three are cigarette addicts and one is trying to stop this bad habit. There are some people who have succeeded in stopping and you can read on what they did as an encouragement and soon you will also stop.

Stories from Former Smokers


"I started smoking when I was 13..."

I started smoking when I was 13 or 14 years old from the pressure and desire to be "cool". I seriously became addicted to nicotine at 18 years old and was a pack a day smoker for 17 years. I never considered quitting even though my mother died from cancer and I knew the negative health effects from smoking. The addiction was that strong.

When I became pregnant everything changed. Once I found out all of the dangers to my child while pregnant I knew I had to quit. I have been smoke free for 60 days and will NOT start back even after I have the baby.

There are numerous benefits to being smoke free. Saving money, not feeling guilt or shame, taking pride in my accomplishment and knowing that my health improves every day are just some of the positives. By far the biggest benefit to quitting is knowing that I am helping my baby live a healthier life!


The legal aspects of practicing medicine

Medicine is a profession that is run by highly trained people who take several years in school before they can be certified or registered. There are however some people who think it is a money minting venture and they start up clinic without the required qualifications. This is where they go against the law and it can be detrimental to their business. Keep reading for more insights.

Lawyers say that case files of medical negligence gather dust in courts over failure of doctors to testify as expert witnesses against their colleagues.

Consequently, medical negligence and wrong diagnosis cases that resulted to death or permanent incapacitation of patients are dismissed over insufficient evidence.

The lawyers also raised concerns with recent cases of conflicting autopsy reports by Government pathologists leading to samples being flown abroad for second opinions.

The lawyers who were attending a seminar on Health Law in Nairobi said that there are pending court cases where surgical operations were conducted without written consent of patients, their guardians or close relatives.

They also said that affected patients rarely get justice before the Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board whose all members are doctors.

The lawyers also said that filing negligence cases in court is a hurdle as hospitals are not ready to release medical reports, which legally should belong to patients.

Prof. Kiama Wangai who is both a lawyer and medical doctor said that lack of proper legislation ensured failure of medical negligence cases in court.

“Court cases are determined on the basis of evidence adduced and corroborated in a court of law,” Prof. Wangai said.

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