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All About Brain Injury Rehabilitation

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In case a head injury or stroke only damages and not destroy brain tissue, the damaged tissue can recover its function gradually. Brain injury rehabilitation can definitely speed up the recovery process and make it complete. If not, recovery would have taken from 6 months to several years depending on the seriousness of the injury or stroke. A destroyed tissue cannot recover its functions. But some other part of the brain will usually take over the duties of the destroyed area. Rehabilitation becomes crucial to this recovery process. This article provides information on brain injury rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation should begin as soon as the affected individual is medically stable. That way the individual has a better chance of recovering some of the lost functions of the brain. Early rehabilitation is important to prevent many complications like weakened muscles, contractures or shortened muscles, and depression. Whether rehabilitation succeeds or not will depend on the general health condition, bowel and bladder function, muscle strength, range of motion, coping skills, learning abilities, and the readiness of the individual to participate in a rehabilitation program.

When brain injury has resulted in paralysed limbs, the therapist will either move the affected limb or encourage the patient to move them. This is important to retain the affected joint's range of motion. There are many activities the affected patient could do in order to improve his or her range of motions such as outdoor activities. Coordination exercises are also important in this regard.

Most of the time, the therapist will intentionally restrict the movements of the unaffected limb. This is done by wearing a sling or mitt on the unaffected arm. This strategy will help the brain to rewire the brain of the affected individual to use the weakened or paralysed limb for activities such as eating, grooming, washing, and other daily tasks.

A stroke or brain injury such as a concussion can impair the cognition abilities of the patient. Such individuals may have issues with concentration, memory, organisation of thought, orientation, comprehension, perception, and speech. Cognitive rehabilitation is quite a slow process that needs to be tailored to each affected individual's situation. These individuals are best suited for one-on-one treatments.

When a head injury or stroke damages brain tissue without destroying them, the damaged tissue is able to recover its functions over time. Brain injury rehabilitation can definitely speed up the process of recovery and make it complete.

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How to identify the best rehab cover for your loved one



Dealing With Cigarette Addiction Once And For All

Cigarette smoking is one of the most common addictions among many people in the society. Out of every ten people you come across, three are cigarette addicts and one is trying to stop this bad habit. There are some people who have succeeded in stopping and you can read on what they did as an encouragement and soon you will also stop.

Stories from Former Smokers


"I started smoking when I was 13..."

I started smoking when I was 13 or 14 years old from the pressure and desire to be "cool". I seriously became addicted to nicotine at 18 years old and was a pack a day smoker for 17 years. I never considered quitting even though my mother died from cancer and I knew the negative health effects from smoking. The addiction was that strong.

When I became pregnant everything changed. Once I found out all of the dangers to my child while pregnant I knew I had to quit. I have been smoke free for 60 days and will NOT start back even after I have the baby.

There are numerous benefits to being smoke free. Saving money, not feeling guilt or shame, taking pride in my accomplishment and knowing that my health improves every day are just some of the positives. By far the biggest benefit to quitting is knowing that I am helping my baby live a healthier life!


The legal aspects of practicing medicine

Medicine is a profession that is run by highly trained people who take several years in school before they can be certified or registered. There are however some people who think it is a money minting venture and they start up clinic without the required qualifications. This is where they go against the law and it can be detrimental to their business. Keep reading for more insights.

Lawyers say that case files of medical negligence gather dust in courts over failure of doctors to testify as expert witnesses against their colleagues.

Consequently, medical negligence and wrong diagnosis cases that resulted to death or permanent incapacitation of patients are dismissed over insufficient evidence.

The lawyers also raised concerns with recent cases of conflicting autopsy reports by Government pathologists leading to samples being flown abroad for second opinions.

The lawyers who were attending a seminar on Health Law in Nairobi said that there are pending court cases where surgical operations were conducted without written consent of patients, their guardians or close relatives.

They also said that affected patients rarely get justice before the Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board whose all members are doctors.

The lawyers also said that filing negligence cases in court is a hurdle as hospitals are not ready to release medical reports, which legally should belong to patients.

Prof. Kiama Wangai who is both a lawyer and medical doctor said that lack of proper legislation ensured failure of medical negligence cases in court.

“Court cases are determined on the basis of evidence adduced and corroborated in a court of law,” Prof. Wangai said.

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